( In Nevada, statistics show that 99.98 percent of all opioid prescriptions do not result in overdoses, but the crackdown on pain medicine has continued to intensify anyway. Like most pain management physicians, Dr. Dan

( In the name of battling our misnamed “opioid epidemic,” (1) which has only resulted in making things worse (2) there is a casualty that is far worse than anything that could be caused by a

(painnewsnetwork) I am about to start raising holy hell because I now have nothing to lose. The doctor that has been taking care of me the last 5 years is suddenly scared to death and

( Request for Court Injunction Against ‘Opioid Safety Initiative’ [This is the actual paperwork filed by plaintiff, Robert D. Rose Jr., in Greeneville Federal Courthouse, 220 W Depot St # 200, Greeneville, TN 37743 (423)

( TAMPA, FL –  The crackdown on opioids is having unintended consequences. The push for fewer opioid prescriptions at lower doses and for shorter periods has increased suffering for some pain patients including those near

Taking another step to battle the nation’s opioid crisis, Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies will provide no more than a seven day supply of the medications to some customers. The retailers said Monday that within