( DENVER CO – Blair Hubbard was 19 when she tried heroin for the first time, a progression from a year-long addiction to opioids. It was a five-day spiral that led to the amputation of

( Surging opioid use and homelessness are driving an epidemic of despair in parts of the state that are short of housing, treatment options and patience. As heroin use has surged in Eureka, Calif., residents

( The opioid epidemic claims 115 American lives every day. Advocates of the overdose antidote naloxone are intent on lowering that number Bronx native Brian Angel, the 27-year-old canvass director at VOCAL-NY, received training with

( CHICAGO – A Chicago teen received a life-saving award today after saving the life of a man who was overdosing on heroin. Chris Monroe, 14, is the first North Chicago citizen to receive the

( ROCHESTER, NY – New billboards going up around Monroe County don’t advertise a product – they deliver a warning. “We’ve had enough. If you deal drugs and someone dies, you’re going to jail for

( NEW YORK (AP) — A veterinarian pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to U.S. charges that he turned puppies into drug couriers for a Colombian trafficking ring by stitching packets of liquid heroin into their