( Continuing our coverage of the opioid crisis in Colorado, we reached out to Harm Reduction Action Center executive director Lisa Raville to learn more about the use of heroin and other drugs in the

( As the man with the handful of tiny needles moved closer, Sarah Downs’ nervousness grew with his every step. She rocked back and forth in her plastic chair. She fidgeted. She bounced a leg.

( Patient brokering. This can take several forms. Lead selling involves paying brokers a finder’s fee or kickback for referring patients to their treatment facility (e.g., financial compensation of $500 to $1000 per patient or

( SAN FRANSISCO, CA – San Francisco’s mayor wants to create a special medical team — the first of its kind in the nation — to spread out onto the city’s streets and give homeless

( TOLEDO, OH – People in active addiction can now get clean needles in exchange for dirty ones, along with a strip that tests their drugs for the presence of Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic

( They’re going to do it anyways. We’d rather they do it where we can make sure they’re safe.” That’s how many parents explain why they let their underaged children drink at home. It’s also the sentiment