( This month, a team of researchers at the University at Buffalo published a paper detailing a method of chemical testing that uses a light-trapping nanostructure to identify tiny samples of chemicals. And, though it’s

( Fentanyl’s rise is posing a risk to more than just those struggling with addiction. The synthetic opioid is 50 times more potent than heroin and first responders have been cautioned about making contact with

( The Bridge, a medical device worn behind the ear, delivers electronic pulses to ease the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Maria Fabrizio for NPR hide caption The Bridge, a medical device worn behind the ear,

( Digital currencies have been accused of worsening the opioid crisis because they make it easier to buy and sell drugs anonymously. Now Intel Corp. and the pharmaceutical industry are planning to fight fire with

(courtesy of My time in rehab for an opioid addiction left me humiliated and desperate to know why my friends were dying. Now a wave of app developers are trying to do things differently.

(courtesy of EDINBORO PA – Last year proved to be the deadliest ever for drug overdoses in Erie County. Data shows much of that was speared by the opioid epidemic. Now, Edinboro University is